Our Creating Leaders Programme firstly tries to identify the various reasons behind the under-confidence and stage fear of every student. Through Theatrical Action Methodology, our expert trainers give individual exposure to every child. We value the little steps that every child takes and encourage him/her to continue with the confident stride. After properly understanding these psychological loopholes, we train the students to become a perfect public speaker. Our focus remains on starting with the very basics, i.e, the right pronunciation and vocabulary to improve the talk flow in English. We also then move forward towards teaching the fundamentals of Neuro-muscular speech eye expression coordination along with confident ways of handling the mic. At a very constant level, we test the capability of every child towards taking initiatives and facing challenges. Through character dramatizations, we teach every child how one can face their vulnerabilities in different positions and time frames. Thus, with time and effort, every child unmasks the hidden power within him/her and moulds the leader inside.
Delhi NCR
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Ratings & Reviews


Joining SDPS is one of the best decisions I made for my career. They made me more primed for interviews and my interactions with my team have improved. I feel more confident about myself now. Thanks SDPS

I attended their class for an hour and i decided to opt until i attended other classes. Seen elder kids than my kids and found that they are not able to grasp things if the class is once a week. Fees is damn costly - 36K for 48classes i.e. almost 800Rs for a class which even a home instructor can do for other classes. I deposited 2K and they did not give receipt. I asked for refund after 3days and they stopped calling me or taking my call. Now they are refusing refund. I will not recommend the classes to anybody else as it is total waste of money and mistrust for the parents. If they have such traits, what they will teach to the kids.

I have attended one session with one of my friend for his son. I was amazed with the ease with which they were handling delicate matters !! I am sure they have a long way to go. Keep up the good work guys.

South West Delhi, Delhi NCR, India, 110029